Yin & Yang Pre-Order

  • Yin & Yang Pre-Order

We need balance and sometimes, we need karma check from the universe ;). In collaboration with Michelle Perez ( https://www.instagram.com/shecantdraw/) and myself, we bring you limited edition version of our version of the Yin & Yang. This edition will only be of 100. Pin will come with double posts.

Size: 1.7" Approximately
Gold & Black Plated, with minor white accents

Most domestic orders should arrive within two weeks ( We're living in COVID-19 TIMES please be patient ).

INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS MAY TAKE SEVERAL MONTHS ( Again Covid-19 times) ! Please don’t order these to be delivered internationally if you need them by a certain date ( if they're a gift ) or if you are impatient. Shoot me an email with ANY questions.

Approximate Date of Completion: Sept 30th, 2020