Jinkies! Hard Enamel Pin LE

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Jinkies! Hard Enamel Pin LE

Jinkies! Nerds are HOT! <3 My ode to grown Velma Dinkley. I hope you guys love her!
- Hard enamel pin
- Gun Metal Black
- Full Color
- LE of 110

But Amliv, pre-orders? If you've bought pins from me in the past, you know that pre-orders are necessary because certain enamel pins collaborations are expensive to make and proceeds from those pre-orders goes directly into funding the project.
Pre-orders can take approximately 15-30 days in production. Per usual, I assemble all pins myself and ship out in large batches, all myself. So please, keep this in mind when ordering and making a purchase if you're in a rush. I usually announce when the enamel pins come in on my instagram.com/amlivsotomayor page.

Proceeds of this pin are split between the model Diana Doig & myself. Thank you for your support, always!

If you are part of my pin-club on Patreon.com/Amliv your pin is secure for March, 2021. Variants are not included in the club.

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